Automatic Cold Storage Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are the most preferred type of doors in industrial manufacturing plants and cold storages since it expands operation area and provides ease of use, available in any size, sliding doors are used both in cold rooms and frozen storage/quick freezing rooms.


  • Electromatic is the exclusive automation kit for sliding doors
  • With electronic 3 phase gear motor on door leaf, helps in preventing any further lateral and in height encumbrance
  • Electronic control board with encoder system allows to manage self-learning feature, avoiding limit switches and their settings.
  • The transmission of movement takes place through Toothed Polyurethane belt and does not require any maintenance as it guarantees unparalleled silence
  • Easy to install and operate
  • The Electromatic installed to refrigeration doors, have been designed following scrupulously the regulations in force on security and maximum safety is also guaranteed
  • The inverter technology allows the management of variable opening and closing speeds, opening and closing slow-downs and the power supply by 230Vac single-phase system despite the 230V three-phase motor

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