Controlled Atmosphere Doors (STN9CA)

They are developed as doors for atmosphere-controlled cold rooms. They provide air impermeability through Their special closed cell gaskets and stainless camshaft locking systems.

There is a glass control section on these doors and this section can be directly installed within the door leaf


  • Used for controlled atmospheric rooms
  • Polyurethane foam injected under heated press with a density of around 40/43 kg/m3 (mono-block leaf)
  • Special closed cells air gaskets together with the exclusive stainless-steel eccentric clenching system, guarantee a perfect gas tightness as well as a thermal seal
  • Special design glazed inspection hatch that can be supplied to be fixed directly within the door leaf
  • These doors are manufactured by using hygienic materials conforming European standards
  • They do not undergo any kind of deformation when any type of chemical disinfectant applied

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