Motorised / Manual Safety Truck Lock

Motorised / Manual Safety Truck Lock systems are a key component of efficient and safe modern loading docks. Safety Truck Lock systems lock trailers into position at the loading dock. The Safety Truck Lock systems incorporate an intergrated system of signal lights, inside on the vehicle restraint control panel and outside on the facility wall to communicate loading and restraint status to the dock attendant as well as the truck driver.

The manual and motorised safety truck lock series is a low profile, non-impact design vehicle restraint featuring the Hydraulic / Mechanical floating system, a large spring-loaded barrier that automatically adjusts to various truck heights, maintaining  positive contact during loading operations at all times.

Both Motorised and manual model can secure trailer with over 14.5 tons of restraining force. The barrier housing stores at only 225mm above grade, staying clear of incoming trucks, and has a vertical working range of 760mm above grade to safely engage even that highest of rear impact guards.

There are extremely common kinds of loading dock separation accident like Early Departure, trailer creep, Trailer tip over etc that can happen, but preventative safety measures can minimize the risk of them happening in your facility.

Full time protection, full time communication only with Gandhi Motorised and manual safety truck lock.

Product Features


  • Non–Impact Design
  • Barrier Stores 225mm high to escape impact from low rear impact guards
  • Barrier Sensor Communicates Positive Lock Position
  • Barrier Automatically Adjusts to Truck Movement during Loading
  • Vertical locking hook secures virtually all rear impact guards with in excess of 14.5 Tons of Restraining Force
  • Easy to Install and Simple to Operate
  • IP66 Control card enclosure
  • Self-Cleaning Guide Track
  • Vertical Operating Range from 225mm to 760mm
  • Easy to Install & Simple to Operate
  • Inside and Outside Traffic Lights for Loading and unloading communication
  • Virtually No Required Maintenance
  • Housing Encloses Working Parts from Inclement Weather and Debris
  • All Weather Hot Dip Galvanised components for Superior Durability
  • Mounting Force in Excess of 45 Tons

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