Sliding Doors for Positive Temperatures (STN series)

Sliding doors are the most preferred type of doors in industrial manufacturing plants and cold storages since it expands operation area and provides ease of use, available in any size, sliding doors are used both in cold rooms and frozen storage/quick freezing rooms.

Gandhi Automation’s sliding doors are available in single leaf and double-leaf versions, and are the best storage doors for your premises.

Gandhi Automation’s caters to a complete range of lateral sliding doors, with door panel thicknesses ranging from 70mm to 150 mm. From the doors for positive temperature to extremely low temperature blast freezers, these doors stand out for their high resistance, insulation and ease of use.

We offer the best performing products so that you can safely store your products catering to temperatures up to – 40 degree Celsius.

Being manufactured by mono-block door leaf method, these doors are more durable and long-lasting compare to doors produced with multiple section panel.

They do not undergo any kind of deformation when any type of chemical disinfectant applied.


  • These doors are ideal for positive temperature
  • This door is highly efficient and delivers appropriate insulation value
  • Polyurethane foam injected under heated press with a density of around 40/43 kg/m3 (mono-block leaf)
  • Alternative frames as PVC or Aluminum
  • Available in various sizes
  • Available in different colors and possibility of adding a key lock and glass window
  • Thermo Insulated door with complete hermetic sealing
  • Opening system by lever handle provided with return spring
  • Doors with 70 and 90mm thick leaf
  • Satisfy European health conditions

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