Sliding Doors with Meat Rail Passage (SPG Series)

Sliding doors are the most preferred type of doors in industrial manufacturing plants and cold storages since it expands operation area and provides ease of use, available in any size, sliding doors are used both in cold rooms and frozen storage/quick freezing rooms.


  • With Meat rail slide-way in two versions
  • The first one is called “swan neck” due to the cantilever stainless steel structure that keeps the slide way passage free
  • The second one is called “interrupted rail” and presents the sliding door track positioning just below the slide way passage. Therefore, the track presents an interruption that allows the crossing of the cableway, the sliding track presents an interruption to allow the meat rail to pass through
  • Complete sealing performance with special design rail system and gaskets
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Can be customized as per your requirement

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