Wheel-Block Vehicle Restraint System

Gandhi Wheel-Block Vehicle Restraint System (WBVRS) minimizes the risk of accident and injury during the loading process by preventing unplanned vehicle movement. A wheel Block provides two key safety advantages – vehicle creep is eliminated, and the driver cannot drive off before the loading process is complete because the vehicle wheel is trapped by the blocking arm.

The hydraulic system applies constant restraining force during loading operations so you can be confident that the process is safe from start to finish and it’s compatible with a wide range of vehicles.

  • The wheel block applies constant pressure against the wheel to prevent the vehicle from creeping forwards
  • No damage to mudguards or side skirts due to the low height of the wheel block. Warning lights are in constant operation while the wheel block is being positioned and an external red/green traffic light ensures clear communication
  • Emergency release is possible at all times


Universal application: Thanks to Wheel-block Vehicle Restraint System’s height of just 330mm, the standard WBVRS is suitable for Lorries of almost every type and size. Lower or higher wheel blocks are also available upon request. This makes the WBVRS a system which is extremely versatile.

Technical specifications :

  • Galvanised design consisting of strong tubular material and low height of construction with no moving parts below floor level.
  • The entire system can be easily accessed for servicing and maintenance purposes.
  • Range from platform of 4300mm, working range from wheel block of 2800mm.
  • Integrated wheel guides
  • Complete electrical hydraulic operation controlled via a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC).
  • Wheel block height of just 330mm; suitable for Lorries of almost every type and size.
  • Automatic wheel restraint system at the touch of a button in approx. 30 seconds.
  • Emergency release possible at all times.
  • Simple installation with no civil works required.

Options :

  • Lower or higher wheel block
  • Integrated operations for complete control
  • Inside traffic light for signalling purposes
  • External installation of the hydraulic unit

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